Reading progress update: I've read 51%.

Funhouse - Michael Bray

I'm reading Funhouse inbetween full novels or when I'm just in the mood for a quick short story to read. I plan to update this review as I read each individual story in the collection.

1: Mr Ghoul's Quaint Little Ghost Train - This was a great wee story, never again will I look at a ghost train the same. These are a whole different type of skeletons.

2: 99.9AM - A radio station with a difference. Not as good as the previous story for me but still enjoyed it. It didn't go where I was expecting which is always a plus.

3: The Eye - Ugh now I'm going to be paranoid about checking the toilet bowl when using the little girls room. Thanks for that Michael lol.

4: Scarecrows - Scarecrows have always creeped me out. I grew up spending a lot of time on my great grandparents farm, my pop would hide walkie talkies in the scarecrows when he knew we were playing in the fields, his idea of fun. It's funny to think back on now but even to this day they give me the heebie jeebies. This story is kind of like my worst nightmare.

5: Hangman - This is one game of hangman I wouldn't like to play. I kept trying to work out the answer, no fair!

6: The Boy Who Saw Spiders - Ugh spiders. I was half way through this story and stopped to make a cuppa, when filling the kettle a huge freaking spider fell from it into the sink, scared the life outta me. Now I keep imagining I'm seeing the little sods everywhere! Not too sure of the ending of this one though.

7: The Man in the Alley - I loved this one, my fav so far! The characters and the interaction between them just grabbed my attention. The mixture of curiosity and fear kept me totally intrigued.

8: Sick Day - Ugh that was just yucky. I hope that dinner wasn't what I think it was.

9: Jasper - Poor Jasper. I'm not a big fan of birds and have always disliked crows. Dislike them even more now.