Soulless by Amber Garr

Soulless - Amber Garr


I received a copy of Soulless from the publisher in return for an honest review.

I wasn't too sure if I wanted to request this one or not. On one hand I enjoy stories set around reapers, the afterlife and light against dark but on the other hand, I don't like love triangles or romance. I decided however to take the risk and it turned out to be a quick and fun read.

Yes it has a love triangle, a kinda predictable love triangle at that, but I can forgive that because of the subject material and how much I enjoyed the actual story and premise of the book. Yes the main character Nora can be a bit of a debbie downer, some may say whiney, but cmon we all know how sulky and unoptimistic teenagers can be at times. I know mine have their moments but I'll spare you those details. Nora died young, she missed out on lots of life experiences, wouldn't we all be a bit peed off in her shoes. It is after all a young adult book, kinda comes with the territory for many books in this genre.

The characters weren't great, the one that stood out for me was Charlie, I loved Charlies humour throughout the book, he was fun. The rest were ok, not great but they worked and kept me reading. I would have loved to have seen and known a bit more about Sani and his connection to Nora. We also have our token bad boy and mr perfect in every way, more clichés but again it didn't spoil my enjoyment.

What held my attention and made the book stand out was the whole light against dark and soul reaping. The shaman thing was a nice surprise and brought something different that I wasn't expecting. The story doesn't go into much detail about the actual reaping of souls, it's more about being a reaper, a look behind the scenes so to speak. You have death wardens, the good guys, the go to the light everything will be unicorns and rainbows side. Then you have the hunters, the not so nice guys who manipulate the souls and steal them from the light.

The book was pretty fast paced and ugh it ends in a cliffhanger. I hate when that happens. I know it's book one in a series but it feels like it finished mid story, there wasn't really a conclusion to part one. I would have much preferred that the book had a nice conclusive finish to it but with still enough questions and curiosity to warrant part two. As it stands I kinda feel like someone forgot to attach the second half of the book.

Would I recommend it? Yes. I enjoyed it, I flew through this story, granted it's not a very long story but it was a fun read. I could easily ignore the clichés and just enjoy the story for what it was. I enjoyed the style of writing, I enjoyed the story itself and it moved at a nice and pace and kept my attention. I will definitely be picking up book two when it's released.

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