White Walker by Richard Schiver

White Walker - Richard Schiver

I received a copy of White Walker from the author in return for an honest review.

I'm sure everyone remembers the stories of Jack Frost from their childhood. How he would bring the cold and the snow, turn everything he touched to ice. White Walker is a Jack Frost story for grown ups, one not of wonder and imagination but instead a tale of horror and fear. A tale about an ancient deity who carries winter with him and devours the souls of all who get caught in his storm.

I really enjoyed this one it had a really cold and creepy atmosphere. The descriptions of the wind and snow blizzard were excellent, I actually felt chilly just reading it. The story is kinda short, it's 170 pages long, as a result there's not much depth in the characters as a whole but there is enough for the story to work and for it to concentrate on the atmosphere and the fear in the pages. It would make a great movie I think, I'd definitely go and see this as a movie.

White Walker would have been a great book to save and read during a cold snowy winters night, it would really have ramped up the atmosphere and scare factor.

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