The Seance: A Gothic Tale of Horror and Misfortune by Jack Rollins

The Seance: A Gothic Tale of Horror and Misfortune - Jack     Rollins

I received a copy of Seance from the author in return for an honest review.

I really enjoy the writing style of Jack Rollins, the tales he weaves are both original and atmospherically dark and gothic. The way he builds the Victorian age and atmosphere in his stories pulls me effortlessly into another time and place.

Seance is a tale set more around fear of the occult and the unknown rather than what most would associate with horror. It was very well written, the dialogue fitting perfectly to the time period. I could almost hear their voices as I was reading. The descriptions of the streets and events created a depth to the story that was easily pictured in my minds eye.

I have always been fascinated by spiritualism and the mediums of the Victorian era. There's just something about it that captures my imagination. Reading Seance was like bringing all those old black and white photographs - of darkened rooms with candles, of people sitting round tables holding hands to contact the dead, of spectral ectoplasm and tables tipping - to life.

At only 56 pages Seance isn't a long read, but it has it's fair share of twists and turns and it builds a wonderful atmosphere. It gripped and held my attention from start to finish and I enjoyed it immensely. As if I wasn't creeped out enough by mirrors, Jack Rollins adds a whole new level to that creepiness.

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