Figures of Fear: An Anthology by Graham Masterton

Figures of Fear: An Anthology - Graham Masterton

I received a copy of Figures of Fear: An Anthology from the publisher in return for an honest review.

I originally planned to read this anthology one story at a time between my other books but once I started I couldn't stop. I enjoyed most of the stories but some more than others. My favourite has to be Beholder, closely followed by The Night Hider, my least favourite being The Battered Wife.

This is a great collection, it's dark, twisted, gruesome and well worth a read.

1: Ex-Voto - Short and to the point, with some squeamish cringe factor. I can't say it was great, just ok.

2: What the Dark Does - That was creepy. I was terrified of the dark as a kid and I remember my imagination running away with me convinced that things were coming alive in my room. This story creeped me out, don't read this one in the dark and don't leave it too late to turn that light on.

3: Saint Bronach's Shrift - You need to be a special kind of stupid to build this kind of hideout, seriously.

4: The Battered Wife - Hmm I wasn't so keen on this one at all.

5: The Night Hider - A nice spin on a classic tale. It was a pleasant surprise to see where the twist in this one went. Great story!

6: Underbed - Well that was a story and a half, there's no end to what a childs imagination can come up with. Very cleverly done and full of imagination.

7: Night of the Wendigo - I enjoyed the lore behind this one but it felt a little short for everything it was trying to say. Great story though.

8: Spirits of the Age - I wouldn't class this one as having any scares or fear factor at all, for me personally anyway.

9: Witch-Compass - Be careful what you wish for, what you have may not be perfect but things could be a lot worse. Boy did this guy show his true colours and get way more than he bargained for.

10: Resonant Evil - Curiosity can have devastating results. A dark and twisted story on how some ones senses can be manipulated to see, feel and experience something that's not actually there.

11: Beholder - This has to be the most twisted and gruesome story in the collection. I was cringing at parts of this one. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what if someone was to steal that beauty? How would you get it back?

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