The Whispers: A Whispers Story (The Whispers, #1) by Lisa Unger

The Whispers: A Whispers Story - Lisa Unger

I received a copy of The Whispers from the publisher in return for an honest review.

The Whispers is the first book by Lisa Unger that I have read and it won't be the last. This was such a great read, I was pulled in right from the first page.

The characters in this book are so easy to care for and their experiences tugs on your heart strings. I am not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears while reading this one. The main character Eloise, my heart broke for her. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to go through losing your husband and oldest child, never mind both on the same day. The way Eloise's story is told is expressed so well, I could feel her pain. Not only the pain of losing two family members but the pain of watching her youngest try to deal with what happened.

In the aftermath of events when Eloise and her daughter are trying to recover and move forward with their life, Eloise starts to hear and see things she can't understand and isn't even sure are real. The confusion and doubt portrayed during and after these events adds to the emotional turmoil of her life. Is it real? Am I losing my mind? Do I tell someone? Can she really help these lost and hurt women who only she can see and hear?

I loved the premise of this book and was not disappointed on reading it. The Whispers was an emotional read, it was both heart-warming and heartbreaking, you'll smile, you'll shed a tear and you'll keep turning those pages.

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