The Burning Girl: A Whispers Story (The Whispers, #2) by Lisa Unger

The Burning Girl: A Whispers Story - Lisa Unger

I received a copy of The Burning Girl: A Whispers Story (The Whispers #2) from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Having loved The Whispers: A Whispers Story (The Whispers, #1) I jumped into part two immediately on finishing it.

Part two takes place 10 years further down the line from where the first one finishes. Eloise has moved on, as well as anyone can, from the devastation of losing her husband and oldest daughter. She's using her gift to help people but still finds herself struggling to come to terms with what is happening to her. As if things can't get any worse, the burning girl makes an appearance.

I must admit I feel like part two made a huge jump in time. I would have liked to have known a little more about what happened between the first book and the second. I would have loved to know how Eloise and her daughter came to terms with her gifts, how she started using them in the beginning. I also would have liked to have known a bit more about how her daughter moved on, how she got to be where she is part two.

However, despite the above, I enjoyed this one. It isn't as emotional as the first but it does pull on the heart strings in places. You can feel and sympathise with how hectic and unsettling Eloise's life still is. The burning girl isn't what she seems and I really liked how the tension built around her character as the story progressed. I don't want to give any spoilers, so I'll just say I'm really keen to see where the story is going to go in part three in regards to Eloise's family.

Another great short in the Whispers collection. The only negative I can really say, is that it was finished before I knew it. I want part three!

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