Fog Warning by Edward Lorn

Fog Warning - Edward Lorn

I received a copy of Fog Warning from the author in return for an honest review. I really enjoy Edwards books and I dropped everything else I was reading at the time in order to get to this one asap.

There is just something about the way Edward Lorn writes, it's very easy to read, to relate to and to enjoy. There's no effort to reading his work, the pages just grab you and you fly through them, you can just sit back and lose yourself in the story and enjoy it. The only words I can find to describe reading one of his books is... It's like sitting down with a friend, it's familiar, comfortable and good company no matter how scary or horrifying the plot of the book is.

Fog Warning has plenty of gory cringe worthy moments, creepy hair on the back of your neck moments and plenty sarcasm and wit that will have you chuckling. The dialogue was great, it feels natural, almost like you're overhearing a conversation. The story itself creates a creepy atmosphere and just when you think you know what's going on it throws in an unexpected twist, ones that I certainly didn't see coming. Edward does a great job of playing your emotions when it comes to the main character, at times you think he's an idiot and deserves all he gets, then he has you feeling for him and wanting him to succeed.

I have so many highlights in this book, I couldn't help but highlight many sentences and descriptions as they were impressively written and expressed. There was one short description of an event that happened that I read and reread, I was literally in awe with the way it was written. It made me catch my breath and I could feel the tension creep up on me. Even reading it now, it still has the same effect.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, it's an easy 5 stars from me and it has earned a place on my favourite shelf.

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