On the Lips of Children by Mark Matthews

On the Lips of Children - Mark  Matthews

Hmm I don't know what I want to say about this one, I've been sat thinking about it for a while trying to decide what it was that about this book that didn't gel with me. I enjoyed it but at the same time I didn't enjoy it.

I found Macons inner dialogue got a bit too much for me, it felt like it went on forever at times. I wasn't a fan of all the marathon stuff to be honest and I found myself skipping bits.

The story was graphic, twisted and definitely original. There was a dark, claustrophobic atmosphere that really brought out the intensity of the story. I preferred when it was concentrated on the cave scenes and the cannibalism. I feel I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the marathon stuff was watered down some, all that inner dialogue just dragged for me.

One thing that did bother me throughout was how Lyric was portrayed, she's 6 years old and she's in a stroller, which is fair enough as they were running and of course she couldn't keep up. However what 6 year old can't get out a stroller on their own when they have to? My kids could get out of a stroller in seconds at half Lyric's age. Her persona felt all over the place, her parents treated her like she was a lot younger, yet her inner dialogue seemed that of an older child. It wasn't consistent or believable at all.

The ending felt rushed and incomplete. I mean cmon what happened? We have two families and we don't know what happens to either of them in the end. It was like the last chapter was missing. Sort it out Mark, you can't leave us not knowing!

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