Reality (The Arie Chronicles #1) by Dani Hart

Reality  - Dani Hart

I received a copy of Reality from the publisher in return for an honest review.

I was drawn to this book originally by the cover and on picking up the book I found myself captivated right from the start.

I didn't want this one to end, the writing had such a nice flow to it and it was a pleasure to read. The world building and the characters are both very well written and pulls you effortlessly into a world of beauty, wonder and danger. The plot and storyline had a few nice twists and turns and wasn't predictable at all, always a plus in my book.

It is a very emotional story and pulls on the heart strings. I will admit to a tear or two, ok maybe more than a tear or two, and plenty of sniffles while reading this one. I found it very easy to picture the world and scenes in my minds eye and I cared very much about the characters and their journey. The relationships between the characters are both touching, heart-warming and heart breaking, they will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. So have those tissues handy.

Although this is book one in a series, it very much works as a stand alone book too. It doesn't finish on a cliffhanger or leave you feeling like the story stopped before it got to the end. It does however have a love triangle, I hate love triangles! But this one works, it didn't spoil the book for me at all.

I'm really looking forwards to book two and seeing what's next for Arie.

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