Halloween Tales by Nancy Holder

Halloween Tales - Lisa Morton, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Hal Bodner, Terry M. West, Janet Joyce Holden, John Palisano, David Winnick, R.B. Payne, Steven W. Booth, Tim Chizmar, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Xach Fromson, Nancy Holder

I received a copy of Halloween Tales from Terry M. West in return for an honest review. Thank you Terry!

1. The Devil Came to Mamie's on Hallowe'en by Lisa Morton - (3 stars)
This was a good story but cmon, that poor cat :( I enjoyed Leona's fire and determination in the end.

2. Worth the Having by Michael Paul Gonzalez - (1 stars)
Can't say I was keen on this one at all. The sexual aspect felt like it was put in for shock factor and was over the top, it just didn't add anything to the story. There was nothing as to who and why, we were just expected to read and believe without any explanation given at all.

3. Donuts by Hal Bodner - (5 stars)
This was so fun to read, I swear I was smiling the whole way through this one. It was imaginative and entertaining.

4. The Hairy Ones by Terry M. West - (4 stars)
Short, to the point and perfect for Halloween!

5. The Deal by Janet Joyce Holden - (1 stars)
The Deal is similar to another short story I read recently (Long Tall Coffin) in Funhouse by Michael Bray. I think, it being so similar and reading it so close to having finished Funhouse, I didn't enjoy it as a result.

6. Outlaws of Hill County by John Palisano - (3 stars)
The ending was the best part of this one. I have fond memories of my dad making up stories like this at Halloween.

7. The Cross I Bear by David Winnick - (5 stars)
I loved this story, it was funny and twisted and had me laughing out loud many times. My favourite one in the collection so far!

8. By the Book by Kate Jonez - (3 stars)
That is one twisted babysitter.

9. Ankou, King of the Dead by R. B. Payne - (3 stars)
Hmm don't know what to say about this one, wasn't bad but not too sure about the style it's written.

10. The Lurker by Steven W. Booth - (4 stars)
Knew there was a reason I loved cats!!

11. Harvest of Flames by Maria Alexander - (2 stars)
Would have liked this better without the jumping back and forth I think.

12. The Patch by Eric Miller - (4 stars)
I'll never look at pumpkins the same ever again!

13. Beneath it All by E.S. Magill - (1 stars)
The sentences were really short and choppy in this one. I just didn't like this story at all.

14. Farkelberry Forrest Cemetery by Tim Chizmar - (3 stars)
Poor Henry, at least he had company lol.

15. Halloween in East Hampton by Robin Wyatt Dunn - (1.5 stars)

16. Hollywood Ending by R.B. Payne - (1.5 stars)

17. Johnny Jackson’s School Dare by P.S. Gifford - (0 stars)
Rating removed.

18. The Old Magic by Xach Fromson - (5 stars)
This was really good, great pacing and could feel the tension building.

19. Dead Devil in the Freezer by Nancy Holder - (4 stars)
Well that was confusing, weird but good.

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