The Nightmare Girl by Jonathan Janz

The Nightmare Girl - Jonathan Janz

I received a copy of The Nightmare Girl from the publisher in return for an honest review.

The Nightmare Girl is a fast paced tale of a family man who struggles to protect his family after saving a young boy from his abusive mother. After helping the child Joe and his family head home and try to get on with their daily lives but soon realise that in saving the boy, they have angered the cult that his mother was a member of and they are out for revenge.

I really liked the main character in this one, I could feel his fear and need to protect his family, especially his daughter. The love he had for his daughter was very well portrayed and I could relate to his fear and determination to protect her. The tension builds nicely throughout the book then really kicks off just over halfway, and boy do things kick off. The tension reaches an all time high and doesn't let up, just when you think it can't get any worse you are hit with one gruesome scene after another and you can't turn the pages fast enough to discover if everyone comes out the other end intact and alive.

This is only my second journey into the writing of Jonathan Janz and I am quickly becoming a fan. I read this in one sitting, it held my attention from start to finish and I had to resist peeking further down the pages in many parts. I will definitely be adding more of Jonathan's books to my reading list.

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