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Paddy's Daddy - Mark    Wilson


Paddy's Daddy by Mark Wilson


Paddy's Daddy is the story of one man's battle to beat depression for the sake of his son.
Over twenty five years, from the age of ten years old, Scottish teacher Mark Wilson self-diagnosed and self-treated moderate to severe depression successfully, until the birth of his son Patrick.

Upon becoming a father he hit rock bottom, sinking into a deep depression. Mark was determined that, unlike his own parents, he would not perpetuate the cycle of depression onto the next generation. He has been successfully treated for depression and wants to share his story with anyone who needs it.

Paddy's Daddy is a short, honest story detailing Mark's struggle to crawl out of the black hole of depression, be the best father he can be and claim his life back. The book also contains a series of short stories and articles written by Mark during his recovery. It'll make you laugh, cry and believe that you can be whoever you choose to be if you try.

From Mark Wilson, Author of "Bobby's Boy"


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