Journals of Horror: Found Fiction

Journals of Horror: Found Fiction - P.D. Cacek, Terry M. West, Christopher Alan Broadstone, Robert Holt, Todd Keisling, Lori R. Lopez, John Ledger, Robert C. McGough, Michael Seese, Darryl Dawson, Mark Paul Jacobs, Wesley Thomas, Erik Gustafson, D.J. Tyrer, Jeff    O'Brien, Michael Thomas-Knight, Glenn Rol

Review copy provided by Terry M. West in return for an honest review.

I used to spend many a sleepless night on Reddit reading the horror case files and found footage horror stories. Journals of Horror is much the same but in book format, so I was looking forwards to this one. There are so many stories in this collection that if I were to say a little about each like I usually do with anthologies, my review would be too long. Instead I've given them each a rating and will say a little about my favourite and my least favourite in the collection.

"If you have an arse you're as good as buggered already" Hole By Joseph Ramshaw is by far my favourite and it's so aptly named! I kinda cottoned on roughly where this story was going, enough to know there was a huge cringe factor ahead of me. It was so wrong in so many ways but I just had to keep reading.

My least favourite was Vermilion A Traveller's Account By Stuart Keane. I don't like zombie stories. I'm sick of them, they are everywhere and most are rehashed and done to death in my opinion, so I wasn't far into the story before I knew it wasn't one for me. I also didn't like the homophobic tone used by the MC or his use of the word "fags" or the way the guy with a stutter was classed as a retard. That kind of stuff honestly sets off my moral compass and I don't want to read it.

1. Bagged, Tagged & Buried by Terry M. West - (4 stars)

2. Turn Me On, Dead Man By Robin Dover - (2.5 stars)

3. Truant By D.S. Ullery - (5 stars)

4. The Book of Flesh and Blood By Jeff O’Brien - (4 stars)

5. Beyond Castle Frankenstein By Paula Cappa - (1 stars)

6. Dying Scrawl by DJ Tyrer - (1 stars)

7. Girl in the Woods By Evan Purcell - (3 stars)

8. Going Home By Michael McGlade - (2 stars)

9. Hamburger Lady By Darryl Dawson - (3 stars)

10. Hole By Joseph Ramshaw - (5 stars)

11. Human Resources By Todd Keisling - (1 stars)

12. In the Woods, We Wait By Matt Hayward - (3 stars)

13. “Killing Jessica” By Glenn Rolfe - (5 stars)

14. Letter to Grandma By Crystal Leflar - (3 stars)

15. Look Up By Michael Seese - (3 stars)

16. Lucca By John Ledger - (2 stars)

17. Night Terrors: Journal By Michael Thomas-Knight - (5 stars)

18. Finders Keepers By Paul D. Marks - (3 stars)

19. The Anniversary By Sonja Thomas - (3 stars)

20. The Breath Within The Darkness By Essel Pratt - (3 stars)

21. The Devil’s Irony By Lori R. Lopez - (2 stars)

22. The Note By P. D. Cacek - (3 stars)

23. The Seahorse Speaks By Erik Gustafson - (4 stars)

24. Vermilion A Traveler’s Account By Stuart Keane - (1 stars)

25. Whispers on the Wind By Robert McGough - (4 stars)

26. There's something in my house By Wesley Thomas - (2.5 stars)

27. Tweets of Terror By Robert Holt - (1 stars)

28. Self-Consumed By Terry M. West & Regina West - (4 stars)

29. Note-To-Self By Christopher Alan Broadstone - (3 stars)

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