Hillary: Tail of the Dog (Hillary, #1) by Angel Gelique

Hillary: Tail of the Dog - Angel Gelique

The faces I must have pulled while reading this book. I have read so much horror and twisted dark books that I swear I have become desensitized and not many books have me cringing anymore. This one did!!

The warning that comes with this book should not be ignored, it's definitely not for the faint of heart. I honestly didn't know who's side to take in this story, perhaps that will become more clear in the next books. I did start off feeling for poor Hillary but as things progressed that certainly changed fast!

I honestly couldn't stop reading, it's brutal and has lots of twisted scenes of abuse and torture that somehow makes it feel wrong to have enjoyed reading it but I couldn't help myself I just had to keep reading. It's grossly addictive and I don't think I am ever going to able to scrub some of those scenes out of my head. My husband actually asked what the hell I was reading, every time he looked over at me I was making faces and cringing, he's not used to a book making me react like that anymore.

This is one I would recommend but only for those who are not squeamish and have the stomach for the twisted and extreme. I really enjoyed it and have recommended it to my daughter, not sure what that says about me, or my daughter lol.

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