Book of the Dead by Greig Beck

Book of the Dead - Greig Beck


I received a copy of The Book of the Dead from the publisher in return for an honest review.

"And the Earth shall fall before they rise."

Sinkholes are opening up all over the world, getting larger and larger, birds are falling from the sky and hundreds of pets and people are missing. When the government start to investigate what's going on, they realise there is a lot more to what's happening and mankind is in danger of being wiped out.

In the authors notes at the end of the book it states that this book pays homage to H.P Lovecraft and I have to applaud the author, he did a damn fine job. This book had me totally hooked, I couldn't put it down I devoured it and the pages more or less turned themselves.

I couldn't find any fault in this book and I certainly can't find the words to express just how good this book was. I loved absolutely everything about it. The characters were great, well developed and fleshed out, the pacing was perfect and the world building was fantastic. I was totally engrossed in the story from start to finish. The whole time I was reading I felt like I was part of the world created in the story and I had to resist peeking further down the page.

Definitely one I would highly recommend. The Book of the Dead is a must read for all Lovecraft fans and is one of my top reads of 2014.

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