Boom Town by Glenn Rolfe

Boom Town - Glenn Rolfe

I received a copy of Boom Town from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Boom Town is a fast and fun novella and I read it one easily in one night. It wasn't what I would really class as horror, more a mix of sci-fi and horror but not too heavy on the horror compared to my usual reads.

Thirty years after a UFO appeared above Hollers Hill the earth is shaking and people and pets have gone missing. Kim and Brady discover a pipe at the back of the Flea Market that's leaking weird blue slime. Things are changing in Eckert and the two teenagers are about to find themselves in a situation that puts them and their families in danger. What's really going on is much worse than the town and the outside world is aware of.

I enjoyed the different views in this book, moving from news broadcasts, to gossip and then on to several different characters and the relationships between those characters as the story and tension progresses. I liked how the mix of sci-fi and horror worked together here, the talk and speculation of what's happening progresses into something much more dangerous and darker than anyone could have predicted.

The pacing was nice and held my attention, the character development with it being a novella was just enough for the story to work and I enjoyed the plot. This is the second book I have read by Glenn Rolfe and I have enjoyed both, I will be reading more from this author in future.

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