The Kingdom Lights by Steven V.S.

The Kingdom Lights - Steven V.S.

I received a free copy of The Kingdom Lights in return for an honest review.

On starting this book I felt like I was lost with the characters almost right away, I couldn't place who was who, who was related to who etc. I felt like I had a bundle of names thrown at me and was just expected to know who they were. I wasn't able to see them as individuals, I wanted to be shown not told, give me a picture of them in my mind so I will have a mental image to their names. I found the world building lacking in the same way.

The plot reminds me very much of many other fantasy novels I have read, don't get me wrong it was an OK read but nothing new or different. I found it rather predictable and too Harry Potteresque. The story didn't grab me, there was nothing that really made me keep reading as I felt like I knew the story already.

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