Nightfall Gardens by Allen Houston

Nightfall Gardens - Allen Houston

I received a free copy of Nightfall Gardens in return for an honest review.

Unbeknown to Lily the Blackwood females are cursed, with her grandmother on her death bed, Lily is now the last female in the Blackwood line and her destiny awaits. Kidnapped by her Uncle, she is returned to Nightfall Manor to protect the world from the darkness, a darkness that holds all sorts of mythical beasts, fairy-tale nightmares and far worse. If Lily is unsuccessful the darkness and terror will be unleashed on the world outside the walls of Nightfall Gardens.

Nightfall Gardens is the first book in the Nightfall trilogy and is a wonderful, dark and imaginative tale. The author creates such an amazing spooky and gothic atmosphere full of all sorts of mythical and fairy-tale creatures. The pacing of the story starts a little slow but it picks up quickly a few chapters in and is written in such a way that it just sets your imagination on fire.

The Manor and the Blackwood family are like their own unique version of the Addams Family. Throw into the mix some magic, creatures from myth and fairy-tale, lots of dark and creepy goings on and you have a very dark and addictive read. The only slightly negative I can come up with, is that it finishes on a cliffhanger, but all three parts of the trilogy are now available so that's just a very minor negative.

I would love to see this as a movie. It's been a while since I enjoyed a dark fantasy as much as I have this one. An easy 5 stars for Nightfall Gardens.

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