Reading progress update: I've read 16%.

The Ice Twins - S.K. Tremayne


Don't think I'm going to get very far into this book. 16% and I already want to throw the book across the room.


The dialogue... OK OK. Yes Yes. No No. OK OK Yes. No No Yes. Who talks like that? So annoying.


The female lead phones her daughters school to discuss her daughters progress with the teacher. One of the teachers replies... 


"And it was pretty abrupt. But really, these things happen all the time, she's only seven, your daughter, fairly young for her year."


For some reason the author needs to keep reminding us, and the characters in the book, who is talking or who the characters are talking about


And then there is the over use of parenthesis and over punctuation. Colons, semi-colons and commas everywhere oh and -'s. This is just small paragraph...


They'd spent an epic weekend drinking too much, laughing too much, being obnoxious and loud, annoying the locals - and having enormous fun. They'd sculled back from the Selkie in the sweet, violet, Scottish summer gloaming: the twilight that never went totally black. Seals had emerged: perpendicular, and observing them. 'Junkie overboard' was born from one spectacularly intoxicated episode, when Josh, completely mashed on Ecstacy, had tried to embrace one of these seals, then fallen in the cold black water - at maybe 11 p.m.


Fancy another short paragraph? Here you are...


Angus Moorcroft parked outside the Selkie Hotel, clumbed from his cheap, tinny rental car - hired last night at Inverness Airport - and gazed across the mudflats, and the placid waters, to Torran. With a hand shielding the sun, Angus squinted at his family's new home. But a second car disturbed his thoughts - squealing to a stop, and parking. An old blue Renault. His friend Josh Freedland got out, wearing a chunky Arran jumper, and jeans faintly floured with the dust of granite, or slate, or marble.


Please tell me it's not just me. I'm not being over fussy or critical am I?


 Edited to add. Cause well....


"The cool sunny wind tousled his ginger Jewish hair."


Is ginger Jewish hair different from normal ginger hair? Or is just his hair Jewish and rest of him something else? Or, or lemme just make a rough guess. He's Jewish? Why not just tell me that?