The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin Kennedy

The Mussorgsky Riddle - Darin Kennedy

I received a copy of The Mussorgsky Riddle from the publisher in return for an honest review.

"After five years of psychology studies, not to mention my fair share of extracurricular research, I've read multiple papers detailing what happens if you die in your own dreams. Now, for the first time in thirty-one years, I entertain a different question.

What happens if you die in someone else's?"

Anthony Faircloth hasn't spoken in a month, he sinks deeper into a coma every day. Desperate for help his mother contacts Mira Tejedor, a psychic with unique abilities. On meeting Anthony, Mira discovers his psyche shattered into the various movements of Modest Mussorgsky’s classical music suite Pictures at an Exhibition, his mind a musical labyrinth inhabited by creatures of myth and folklore. Mira must contend with gnomes, troubadours, and witches as she navigates through the labyrinth to try and solve the puzzle of Anthony's coma and bring him home.

I must admit, I was very curious to see how the author could write a story set around classical music in this way. I didn't know what to expect and I wasn't sure if I would be able to relate to the music side of the story. I was hooked almost immediately, I didn't want it to finish. It was unique, imaginative, enchanting and very clever. It was also educational. I found myself looking up the music, the paintings and the myths and lore from the story.

Everything about The Mussorgsky Riddle was so well done. The plot, the characters, the pacing and the dialogue, was perfect. The story is imaginative and written in a way that is so vivid, gripping and colourful, the world and characters just explode out of the pages. I really couldn't find anything negative about it at all. The only thing that I would add, would be a playlist of the musical sections that each chapter is set around, but that's asking a bit much.

I really hope to see more of Mira in future, I would love to read more of her story.

Highly recommended!

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