Trash: An Innocent Girl. A Shocking Story of Squalor and Neglect. by Britney Fuller

Trash: An Innocent Girl. A Shocking Story of Squalor and Neglect. - Britney Fuller

I received a copy of Trash from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Trash tells the heartbreaking and graphic tale of how life with a hoarder effects a family. The cramped, disgusting, unhealthy conditions and the emotional and physical repercussions it has on a child both within and without the home.

This is the shocking reality for some. Children and families forced to live in conditions that are awful and out-with their own control. Conditions that they've grow up in, all the while not understanding that it's not normal. Conditions that when they are old enough to realise not everyone lives this way, they find themselves ashamed to admit what's going on. They have no power or stability of their own to improve the situation. Too ashamed to reach out to others and ask for help, like it's somehow their fault.

I can't say I enjoyed reading this, who would? It's shocking. It's heartbreaking and yet I read on. While many of us live happily in our nice houses, with warm clean clothes, and food on our table, the reality is that many don't have what we take for granted each day. It is a fascinating read however, it's well written and allows you to see into a situation that although you know it's reality for some, you truly don't understand how it really affects someone or how they could end up living this way. It gives insight into the thoughts and emotions of those who find themselves living with hoarding and shows how it's not simple or easy to get out or to ask for help.

It's a very personal story to share with the world. The author's voice pulls you into her world and has you immediately caring and sympathising with her, wanting to reach out and help in some way. It's not an easy read, it will have you cringing, angry, sad and probably give you the urge to clean your house, but it will also make you appreciate and be more grateful for what you have in life.

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