The Haunted Halls by Glenn Rolfe

The Haunted Halls - Glenn Rolfe, Robert S. Wilson, Jason Lynch

I received a free copy of The Haunted Halls in return for an honest review.

The Haunted Halls is Glenn Rolfe's debut novel and as his first book it's a pretty decent read. I have read more recent works from this author, and although I enjoyed this one, I have to say that I feel his newer books are better in regards to character building.

There were a few instances throughout the book where the words didn't feel right or the tense was off but it didn't spoil the book at all. I did have a bit of a problem at first with the amount of characters, they didn't stand out as individuals. I couldn't build a picture of them in my mind in order to make them more substantial than just a name on the page and as a result I struggled to remember who was who in the beginning.

The story is told from multiple POVs and it moves along at a really nice pace, there's always something happening. I would have preferred a little more time on each character and their own events before jumping to another POV. But I also think that because there wasn't as much time spent on each before moving on, that it kept me turning the pages to get to the continued story of the characters that I was enjoying the most.

I don't think I'll be visiting The Bruton Inn any time soon. Or ever!

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