Fifteen by Jen Estes

Fifteen - Jen Estes

I received a free copy of Fifteen from the publisher in return for an honest review.


Each night when 15 year old Ash falls asleep she is thrown 15 years into her future and witnesses her own execution. But one night her dream changes, rather than being a spectator, she finds herself inhabiting the body of her future self. Why is this happening? Who or what are the awful creatures she encounters in the future that have taken over her town and are intent on killing her? How can she prevent it from happening and save the town and herself?


I found this YA read refreshing, there was no angst at all in the story, huge plus for me! There was some nice twists and turns throughout the plot. I particularly liked how the story linked into the legends and helped to unravel what was going on.


I enjoyed the character of Ash, she was strong, sassy and not labelled as the pretty one that all the boys were after. The characters were well rounded and the plot moved at a nice pace. The writing style held my attention from start to finish and I enjoyed the book a great deal. I would have liked to have known more about why Ash was what she was, but perhaps that will come in books to follow. Although this is book one in a series, the book finishes well while still leaving lots of room for more to come story wise. And no cliffhanger, another plus.


I liked how the dreamwalking and time travel worked, it wasn't overly complicated and I liked how Ash's character approached each hurdle and the way each future altered. I'm looking forwards to the next book in the series and seeing where the story goes next.


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