Aftertaste by Kyle M. Scott ** Released Today!**

AFTERTASTE: An Extreme Horror Novel - Kyle M. Scott


"Then the crying started. First one child, a little girl called Jen from across the street, then another, then another, until the June afternoon sounded like a vacation in hell."

I had the pleasure of beta reading Aftertaste for the author and I loved every minute of it.


The pacing of the novel was perfect and it held my attention throughout. The writing style was excellent, the story flowed flawlessly and it was consistent. I honestly was hooked from start to finish and I read the book in one sitting. I couldn't put the book down.


The premise of a restaurant opening and something being in the food isn't original but the way the author has written it gives it a uniqueness that I really enjoyed. The story gets all kinds of gruesome as it progresses, you'll find greed, lust, blood, gore, power struggles and more, all wrapped up in a really great story.


The way the author writes about the big corporations that move in, feed on peoples greed and wants and shove aside the little stores really hits it on the mark. In this case it not only feeds on peoples greed and wants, it exposes their deepest and darkest desires and nature. Everyday people, consumed by something evil, follow their baser natures and the result is total chaos and destruction.


The characters are very well written and believable. I really liked Slims character, she was strong, sassy and very likeable. The dialogue was great and I ended up with many quotes highlighted. I enjoyed the sarcasm and attitude in the interactions between the characters, it felt real and was a lot of fun to read.


Kyle M. Scott has become one of my favourite horror authors, he takes me back to all the classic 80's horror books that I read as a teenager and reminds me what it is about horror that I love so much.


Highly Recommended!



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