Harrison Squared by: Daryl Gregory

Harrison Squared - Daryl Gregory

I received a free copy of Harrison Squared from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I really enjoyed Daryl Gregory's previous book We Are All Completely Fine. I was really keen to know more about the character of Harrison, he was my favourite character in the book and his story wasn't covered as much as I would have liked. As you can imagine, I was over the moon when I heard about Harrison Squared.


I must admit, the book was nothing like I was expecting. I feel somewhat disappointed, it seems to have been written with a younger audience in mind. It felt like I was reading a young adult book and it's so far away from the atmosphere of his previous book. I loved how dark We Are All Completely Fine was and I don't see any of that in Harrison Squared. It feels like the author decided that because the book was about a teenage Harrison that he would write it with teenage readers in mind, that was a disappointment.


The setting of Dunnsmouth and the world building was done well and really added to the story. The characters were great and the story had a lot of atmosphere and dark fantasy aspects to it. There was a lot of layers to the story that were revealed as it progressed and the characters developed nicely along with it. The pacing and writing style held my attention and it was an enjoyable read but it just wasn't a patch on the horror and atmosphere of the previous book, it felt much lighter and had a famous five kind of feel, albeit a bit darker.


Would I recommend it? I would, especially if you have read We Are All Completely Fine, but don't expect it to have the same affect on you. It's definitely a much lighter read and it was fun to learn more about Harrison, but it had too much if a young adult vibe for me.

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