The Werewolf Wants Me by: Jackson Dean Chase

The Werewolf Wants Me - Jackson Dean Chase

I received a free copy of The Werewolf Wants Me from the author in return for an honest review.


This is the second book of the authors young adult horror collection and I have to say I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the others. I felt it was too short to do the story justice and the ending felt a little rushed. I was enjoying the story and it was progressing well but just as it got to the good atmospheric tension stuff all of a sudden it seemed like the story ended abruptly with the author telling me the explanation rather than showing me so I could experience it.


I personally feel it needed the tension to expand before the explanation of what was happening came about. It gave the impression that some of the story was missing. I did enjoy the werewolf aspect of the story but it needed more of that for the story to have substance. A few more scenes added between the discovery and the explanation would really have improved this one a lot.


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