Review: Close to Home by Lisa Jackson

Close to Home - Lisa Jackson

I received a free copy of Close to Home from the publisher in return for an honest review.


This one was just not for me, I had to force myself to read on after only reaching page 65 because I was getting bored and annoyed by the inconsistencies. It felt at times like the author had forgotten what she had had her characters say/do in the previous chapters to then have them say/do something that totally contradicted it in the next. There was also so many different plot lines going on that it seems the author totally forgot about one of them herself.


The characters were dull, the interactions between them were unbelievable, and I didn't care to read about any of them. I had other problems with them but I don't want to go into detail and give away parts of the plot.


The book started off very well, the prologue was intense and I was really looking forwards to reading more but it went downhill fast. It's over 400 pages long so it's not a quick read by any standards. It's full of twists and turns (and clichés!) and different plot lines that are impossible to keep track of (even the author seems to have lost track of one them, bet that poor guy is smelling ripe now) and yet despite the book being so long, the author winds the whole thing up in just a few pages, rushing the ending and making it feel thrown in just to get it over with.


This is the first I have read by this author and I hate to write an author off after just one book but I can't see me picking up another one unless recommended by a friend who's opinion I value when it comes to books.



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