Review: Movers by: Evan J. Clark.

Movers - Evan J. Clark, Ashleigh Richmond


I received a free copy of Movers from the author in return for an honest review.


The premise of Movers really intrigued me, it had me curious and wanting to read and learn more about what a mover was/did.


The story pulled me in almost right away. The style in which it was written very much appealed to me and the voice of the character telling the story was a large part of what made the book enjoyable. I enjoyed the voice, I felt like I was sat there in the company of the character as he told me his story.


The book feels at first like it's a slow burner but it's actually not. It's consistently building a slow and creepy sci-fi horror story with a very unique and interesting plot that I enjoyed that very much.


The only thing I would say, which isn't a negative in anyway way, is that I wanted to know more about the movers themselves. The author gives you enough for you to understand but at the same time he creates the kind of creepiness similar to the unknown horror lurking in your closet. You know it's there and you know it scares you, but you're not quite sure why or what it is and what it's going to do. It was very effective and worked very well, but I'm left curious to know more.



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