Review: The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

The Lie Tree - Frances Hardinge

I received a free copy of The Lie Tree from the publisher in return for an honest review.


When Faith's father is found dead under mysterious circumstances, she is determined to untangle the truth from the lies. Searching through his belongings for clues she discovers a strange tree. A tree that feeds off whispered lies and bears fruit that reveals hidden secrets. The bigger the lie, and the more people who believe it, the bigger the truth that is uncovered.


The premise of The Lie tree really caught my attention and I was hoping to have the book really capture my imagination. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I've had this book on my currently reading pile for over a week and it's been a chore to pick it up and finish it.


The Lie Tree is a middle grade children's fantasy book and to be honest, I really struggle to imagine it holding a child's attention. I found the book to be very slow and I hate to use the boring word, but I was bored. I didn't like the characters, none of them appealed to me. My attention kept wandering and I just wasn't interested in what was going on. I found myself having to resist skipping pages. There just wasn't enough going on to inspire me or capture my imagination. The story felt dull and grey instead of imaginative and colourful, there was nothing there that I could picture a child immersing their imagination into.


Not one I would recommend.



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