Review: Scarecrows by: Christine Hayton

Scarecrows (Childhood Fears) - Christine Hayton

I received a free copy of Scarecrows from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I was really looking forwards to delving into this one. It promised scarecrows, corn fields, a mutilated body and a little girl who sees scarecrows murdering people in the dark of night. It had to be good, right?


I had a few problems with this one. The dialogue didn't come across as natural, especially that of Cathy. Cathy's dialogue was far more mature than I would have expected from a child of her age. At one point I went back through the book to check if I had mistaken her age but I hadn't, it was the dialogue that was giving the wrong impression.


The plot seemed a little all over the place. I had bother understanding the reasoning behind many of the characters actions, and the reasoning behind even having some of the characters in the story at all. The timelines worked well, to a point. I liked how the author jumped back and forth but the dialogue made keeping track a little hard as the timelines were told around Cathy's age which was all over the place for me.


Scarecrows had the potential to be a really creepy story but it didn't quite get there in my opinion. The whole scarecrow/corn field thing wasn't as effective as it could have been. There was too much else going on that kept bringing me out of the story and had me questioning if I had read parts wrong.


Not one I would recommend.




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