16% done with Fairy Tales for Young Readers by E. Nesbit

Fairy Tales for Young Readers: By the Author of Shakespeare's Stories for Young Readers - E. Nesbit

Seriously? I was looking forwards to enjoying a light read and decided to give this a quick once over before I read it with my niece. Looks like we'll be reading a different book.


Perhaps I'm being picky but...


"Here they are--dear little magic glass ones. No one at the ball will dance like my goddaughter!" And she plunged her arm into her big pocket and pulled out a dear little pair of glass ones.


In the palace everyone was enjoying himself very much indeed.


All the ladies looked their very prettiest, and all the gentlemen thought so, and all the ladies knew that the gentlemen thought so.


He told her that her eyes were stars, and her mouth a flower, and things like that--quite silly things, because, of course, no ones eyes are like stars or their mouths like flowers--quite silly, but still she liked to hear them.


She turned in a flash and ran down the corridor--and the magic glass slippers that had made her dancing the wonder of all the Court now made her running as swift as the wind's going so that she had reached her coach and jumped in before the Prince pursuing her had turned the first corner in the grand staircase.


and as she reached the gate the only traces left of her grand coach and six and her fine servants were six scampering mice, six furtive lizards, a fat old running rat, and a big yellow pumpkin bowling along the road as hard as it could go, all by itself.


And the herald knew that she was the lost Princess, even before she slipped on the little glass shoe. Pulled the other one from her pocket, slipped that on too, and stood in the pair of them.


This is supposed to be a fairytale book for children, I wouldn't read this to any child. It's awful. I can't even force myself to read the other stories, I know they are going to annoy the hell out of me.