Review: Redemption Road by Lisa Ballantyne

Redemption Road - Lisa Ballantyne

I received a free copy of Redemption Road from the publisher in return for an honest review.


Redemption Road felt a lot longer than it was. There were several different stories running through the book and it created the illusion of the book being a much longer read, it felt like several different books in one. While reading I kept finding myself thinking that I couldn't see how theses different events/stories would all come together, but come together they did.


It's classed as a thriller but I would perhaps class it more of a family drama, there wasn't enough tension for it to be a thriller. I have to admit that although I did enjoy it at the time, I'm struggling now to remember enough of what I read in order to write this review.


The different stories all came together nicely in the end but it never completely drew me in. It was an easy and enjoyable read at the time, it engaged my attention enough to keep me turning the pages but like I said previously, I have forgotten much of the book as it didn't stand out enough to make it memorable in any way.


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