1% done with Car Nex: The Mighty and the Merciless

Car Nex: The Mighty and the Merciless - Joseph Ramshaw, Terry M. West

So the synopsis of this one reads...


A blonde-headed space-warrior, a cold-hearted female assassin from the Wild West and a teenager who can bend and reshape the fabric of reality walk into a brothel. What happens next?


In ‘Car Nex: The Mighty and the Merciless’, author Joseph Ramshaw ponders that question in a bloody, action-packed tale inspired by ‘80s monster movies and the old Toho Kaiju films.


You’ve seen The Avengers in action, you’ve thrilled at the heroics of The Justice League, now prepare to meet… the Face-Punchers, a foul-mouthed collection of the world’s most deadly heroes, each with their own unique powers and skills to bring to the party. When an old enemy of the Face-Punchers’ conjures up a ferocious demon to destroy the world and its so-called heroes, it’s up to them to put a stop to it. And there’s only one way to stop a demon… with extreme violence! Heroes? Perhaps not. Face-Punchers? Hell yeah!




And on starting it I read...



"Brax VaGhuul strolled down the musty hallway, sealed and silent doors
passing by on either side like the ghostly hulls of ships half-glimpsed in the night,
his nostrils stinging with the mingled stench of crotch-rot and semen-stained



Think I'm gonna enjoy this one!