Review: Car Nex: Storm by: Terry M. West, Kerry E. B. Black

Car Nex: Storm (The Car Nex Story Series Book 3) - Kerry E. B. Black, Terry M. West


I received a free copy of Car Nex: Storm (The Car Nex Story Series Book 3) in return for an honest review.


I didn't enjoy this journey into the Car Nex series as much as I have the others. Unlike the other stories I have read in this series, Storm doesn't stand on it's own in the way the others have. In order for this story to make sense you will have to have read some of the other stories in the series, which I hope most will have done by the time they pick Storm up. However, on it's own it feels like it's just part of a story instead of a complete story written around the Car Nex theme.


There is also a distinct lack of the trademark violence and carnage that I have come to associate the Car Nex with. In fact the demon itself only makes a very brief appearance which I feel really let this one down.




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