Review: Thirteen Days of Midnight by Leo R. Hunt

Thirteen Days of Midnight - Leo R. Hunt

I received a free copy of Thirteen Days of Midnight from the publisher in return for an honest review.


Luke's father dies and leaves him a strange book. The book won't open and Luke thinks nothing more of it, that is until strange things start happening and ghosts start turning up unannounced. Luke learns that his father was a necromancer and along with the book he has left him his Host: a group of 8 spirits that Luke is expected to keep under control. Having left Luke when he was a young boy, Luke knows nothing of necromancy and with the ghosts threatening to mutiny he has to learn how to control them before they gain their freedom on Halloween night.


Thirteen Days of Midnight was a fun read. The characters were a great mix and were well developed. The plot and dialogue was a lot of fun, the story is both quirky and creepy while not being overly scary and would make a great introduction to the horror/paranormal genre for younger readers. The pace was consistent and the writing style created a vivid picture of the story. The author writes in a way that makes every scene easily pictured in the minds eye and it really brings the story to life.


Keeping in mind that this is a young adult book it won't be for everyone, but on a huge positive note there was no love triangle, although there was a love interest it was a very very small part of the story, no eye rolling teenage angst and no overly bad language.


The review copy I was provided with had a lot of problems with missing letters, I had to mentally fill them in while reading which was really frustrating at first. I got an email saying the problem had been fixed the same exact day I finished the book, go figure! Those of you who know me know that usually I would give up on a book with problems like this but the fact that I persisted with this one reflects how much the author drew me into the story and the visual world he created.




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