Review: We Are Monsters by Brian Kirk

We Are Monsters - Brian Kirk

I received a free copy of We Are Monsters from the publisher in return for an honest review.


We Are Monsters is cleverly told, it's multi layered and paints a very dark picture of all the different aspects of mental illness: from the patients themselves, to the doctors treating them and the methods used. It's psychologically complex and really delves into the horror of the human mind. The book opens your eyes to the complexity and treatment of those with a mental illness and delivers a hefty dose of reality throughout it's pages. Although that reality may not always be what it seems.


There were times that I felt a little lost and wasn't quite sure what was happening but all was revealed as the story unravelled. The author had thrown me into the same turmoil as the characters and I had to find my footing along with them.


The characterization in this novel is what really stood out for me, it's extremely well done. The characters felt real, each individual character so well developed that I feel I got to know them as a person instead of just characters in a book.


We Are Monsters is a book I would definitely recommend, although if your squeamish about needles, be prepared!



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