Review: Night as a Catalyst by Chad Lutzke

Night as a Catalyst - Chad Lutzke

I received a free copy of Night as a Catalyst in return for an honest review.


I enjoyed the shorts in this collection, they were unique, creepy and fun to read. I liked the small afterword at the end of each individual story where the author spoke a little about the inspiration behind each tale. It's always nice to get a peek behind the scenes and know what inspired a story.


I did have a few niggles however. There was a few instances of switching tense, occasions where words like lie were used instead of lay/laying/lying, a few typos, and parts where the wording could have been a little better but I overlooked those as the stories themselves were good.


There were a few stories that really stood out from the others and some that were just ok but all in all this is a nice collection.  Perfect for picking up when you only have a few spare minutes to read. This author has a lot of potential and I'd be interested to read more as his writing progresses.



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