Review: One By One: Before (Part One) by Simon Kernick

One By One: Before: (Part One) - Simon Kernick

I received a free copy of One By One from the publisher in return for an honest review.


One By One is part one of a three part thriller story released as digital shorts. After reading part one I'm not sure I like that idea.


At just 36 pages you don't get much of a story, in fact it's more an introduction to each character with a bit of history surrounding an event that happened in the past to the members of the group. The history part being told to us in an info dump by one of the characters, which I didn't like at all.


I realise because it's short that it's hard to build some tension but as it is now I don't feel like it hooked me enough to want to continue. Had it been a novella I would have read on and finished the complete story but in this format it hasn't piqued my curiosity and I find it very easy just to move onto something else instead.


I'm a huge Simon Kernick fan, I love the tension, thrills and mystery he creates but I'm not sure that works in this format at all.


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