Review: A Debt to be Paid by Patrick Lacey

A Debt to be Paid - Patrick Lacey

I received a free copy of A Debt to be Paid from the publisher in return for an honest review.


Although this was an enjoyable story I feel that it suffered a bit because of the length. The author creates a chilling tale with few characters and it builds really nicely as the story progresses but I feel it ended just as the truth of what was going on was finally being revealed. The ending didn't give me closure, it didn't explain things the way I wanted it to in order to understand the who and why.


There are only a few characters in the story and for the most part they are all well written and fleshed out. The author portrays the fear and helplessness of the main character very well and I could easily picture myself in her shoes. Brian's character I had trouble with, he jumped into it all way too easily and the romance felt superficial and underdeveloped.


All in all I enjoyed the book, the pacing was nice and it held my interest but I was left thinking... But why?




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