Radio is killing my reading time.


My son has recently discovered a BBC Radio 4 series called The Infinite Monkey Cage and asked me if I would like to listen to it with him. It's a series talking all about science presented by particle physicist Brian Cox (my sons hero!) and comedian Robin Ince, it covers everything from quantum physics, to extraterrestrial life, cosmology, space exploration, evolution versus religion etc. The list is endless.


Little did I know that it's been running for 12 series and every episode is online to listen to.  As a result I haven't had much time to read and instead I'm being bombarded with science and lots and lots of discussions with my son about the different topics covered in the show.


I'm not complaining, the show is great. It's funny and the discussions I have had with my son have been amazing, even if he seems to spend most of his time explaining the science to me as it goes over my head lol. It's a great way of encouraging him, of sharing his ambitions and knowledge and it makes me so proud to see him so animated and excited about astrophysics and cosmology.