Review: Moving by Jenny Eclair

Moving - Jenny Eclair


I received a free copy of Moving from the publisher in return for an honest review.


It wasn't until I had finished reading this book that it suddenly clicked with me that it was by "The" Jenny Eclair. I am more familiar with Jenny the comedienne/actor and had I realised this before picking up the book, I would probably have had a preconceived idea of what I would expect her writing style to be and it would have been very different from what I actually read.


I really enjoyed Moving. A house is such a personal space, we invest time and energy into making it our own, filling it with love, memories and personal items from our lives. The author does a wonderful job of expressing just how attached we become to our house and how our memories are intertwined with the different rooms and to the every day objects within.


Jenny creates some very realistic characters in this tale, ones that are not easily forgotten and that I feel I really got to know while reading. I have to admit though, Edwina has to be my fav character, it was very easy to get attached to her, she was real, complex and full of depth. I particularly liked the format that her part took, how her memories were being awakened room by room as she showed the estate agent through her house.


The plot is full of family secrets and betrayals that are all slowly revealed as the book progresses, the story told from three different points of view. I have to admit that when it switched from Edwina to another character I was rather disappointed. I wanted to stick with Edwina and I wasn't enjoying the switch at first but I was drawn in and before I knew it I was engrossed in the next characters tale.


The interaction between the characters and the history and personal stories behind their actions makes Moving a very enjoyable read. Things are not always what they seem and Moving takes you behind the scenes, giving you a glance at the deeper picture.


Highly recommended.


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