Review: The Dover Demon by Hunter Shea

The Dover Demon - Hunter Shea

I received a free copy of The Dover Demon from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I'm pretty fussy when it comes to books covering the topic of aliens. They tend to be a hit or a huge flop. The Dover Demon was, I'm pleased to say, a hit.


The characterisation in The Dover Demon is what really stood out for me. I feel like I got to know all the characters, their personal stories and histories created nicely fleshed out characters with a depth that made them easy to relate to and to become invested in their journey throughout the pages.


The dialogue was realistic and the plot was a lot of fun to read. The author creates a great atmosphere throughout the book, from the creepy feeling of being watched or stalked and the claustrophobia in the underground scenes, to the chilling cold environment.


If I remember correctly this is now the third Hunter Shea book that I have read and I've enjoyed them all. I will definitely be reading more of this authors work.



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