75% done with Others & Oddities by Edward Lorn

Others & Oddities - Edward Lorn

My updates will be my usual kinda collection updates, I'll rate each as I read them and post a review when finished :)



I wasn't feeling my other book so I picked this one up instead. Can always rely on Mr Lorn for a good read when all else fails.


1 - No Such Thing: This is why you shouldn't mess with mother nature! - 4 stars.


2- Now I've Seen Everything: Lol this guy shoulda been named Walley. - 3 stars.


3 - Cinder Block: Love hurts in more ways than one. - 3 stars.


4 - Blah-Doop: That's one well trained man, flushing even after all that lol. - 4 stars.


5 - The Morning Dew: I enjoyed this one but I wasn't a fan of the latter part. - 2.5 stars.


6 - The Red Door Market Street: Loved this, was very clever and thought provoking. - 5 stars.


7 - Full Moon Over Cedar Hill: I had read this previously and it actually made my favourites of 2014 shelf. Very good werewolf story! - 5 stars.


8 - Got Your Goat: My gran bred goats on her farm so I can assure you that yes, goats will eat almost anything. - 3 stars.


9 - The Scare Rows: I have read this one previously and it's one of my favourite shorts by this author. It tickles my sense of humour for personal reasons. - 5 stars.


10 - On The Rails: This ones too short really to say anything without giving something away. - 3 stars.


11 - Trailer: I really liked the cold atmosphere of this one and how you're thrown immediately into the deep end. - 4 stars.


12 - Just Short of Paradise: I love the message behind this one. Totally fitting with all the judging and hate that's going around right now on certain topics. - 5 stars.