68% done with Kill For A Copy Rob McEwan, Jack Rollins, Shaun Hutson

Kill For A Copy - Rob McEwan, Jack Rollins, Shaun Hutson

The usual story collection rate each as I read thing going on.


17 chilling horror and supernatural tales, Kill For A Copy boasts a foreword from Shaun Hutson, 'the Godfather of Gore' himself.


With visions of dark, fantastic worlds, disturbed minds and beasts beyond

imagination, this collection will shock, scare and grant the occasional guilty

chuckle as you immerse yourself in the nightmarish landscape forged by these



1 - Home, Sweet Home by Jack Rollins: Enjoyed this one, was refreshing to read short where I had no idea where the story was going. - 4 stars.

2 - Bon Appetit by Stuart Keane: It had somewhat of a story to it but mostly just aims at turning your stomach. Kind of getting fed up with the whole cannibal trend but that's just me. - 2 stars.

3 - Out of Sight, Out of Mind by David Basnett: Clever use of something simple turned into horror. - 3.5 stars.


4 - Blynd Haus by Robert J. Stava: Another good story. This is why I steer clear of our loft! - 4 stars.


5 - Be Careful What You Wish For… by Sharon L. Higa: Didn't like this one so much, was left thinking but why? - 2 stars.


6 - Silver Bullets by Steve Jenner: I like where this one was going but it felt like it was part of a bigger story and we only got a little taste. - 3 stars.


7 - Am I Dead? by Josef DeCory: Didn't like this one at all. The writing was clunky, the dialogue didn't work and too much junk talk even for them being young guys. - 0 stars.


8 - Bovine Rule by S.L. Dixon: I never have been a fan of meat! - 3 stars.


9 - Redwood by Angus Fenton: Decent story, feels like part of something larger but it

was a fun read. - 3 stars.


10 - Bedlam Betty by Brian Barr: Glad I don't read graphic novels! - 4 stars.


11 - Tactile Living by Audrey E.L. Coots: Cool concept and message, still like my online games though! - 4 stars.



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