Review: Ravenous: Car Nex Collection Book One

Ravenous: Car Nex Collection Book One - Kerry EB Black, ER Robin Dover, Joseph Ramshaw, Shaun Hupp, Terry M. West

The Car Nex. Weapons will not slow it. Prayers will not stop it. It is coming. And it hungers...

Five authors put their horrific spin on the Car Nex (Carnivore from the Nexus), Terry M. West's wicked and unstoppable creation. If you are a fan of gory creature feature tales, get your monster on with this thrill packed collection of old school horror! This volume features the first wave of Car Nex tales by Terry M. West, ER Robin Dover, Joseph Ramshaw, Kerry EB Black and Shaun Hupp!


I won't be reviewing each story as I normally do with this type of book as I have read many of the stories in this collection previously and posted reviews individually for most already. Like I find with many collections there are stories that I enjoyed and others that I didn't enjoy, it's all down to personal preference.


I do love reading about the CAR NEX, he's a demon as demons should be. Bloody, cruel, destructive and leaves carnage wherever it goes. It's fun to see other authors take on Terry's original story and experience it through their different styles, although I still think I like Terry's the best so far.




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