I am so behind


I am really behind on both reading and posting my reviews. I keep sitting down  to type my reviews and just can't seem to find the energy lately, let alone the time.


The past few weeks have been so hectic. My daughter moved back home and we've had to move all the bedrooms around in order to give everyone their own space. Again! We only just got done rearranging them as the boys wanted to swap bedrooms, just to have to do it all again for my daughter moving back in.


My mother n law is ill, she recently had a pacemaker fitted as her heart meds started to disagree with her, now they think she may have bowel cancer and she's been going through all sorts of tests, scans and appointments which has put off the date for her cataract surgery several times. She's a tough cookie and keeps telling my hubby and sister n law she's fine but I know it's because she doesn't want to burden them. I've had to step in as her personal carer for now as she been really quite ill lately and allows me to help her in ways she's too embarrassed to allow them to do.


And of course all the to-do with the dog. On top of that I have an impacted wisdom tooth which has become infected, thankfully I got some antibiotics this morning to deal with that.


It never rains but it pours, you'd think I'd be used to that living in Scotland lol.