Review: Spore by Tamara Jones

Spore - Tamara Siler Jones


I received a free copy of Spore in return for an honest review.


Spore was a very thought provoking book. It's not what I would class as scary horror but more of a "What if?" kind of horror. What if people could come back from the dead? If everything they had known had changed, their families moved on, their homes inhabited by someone else, the world around them now a totally different place. How would we react? How would we cope if we were to come back ourselves?


I really enjoyed this one, it gave me a lot to think about while reading. The whole concept intrigued me and I particularly enjoyed the way the author expressed the different attitudes and reactions to what was happening.


There was a lot going on in Spore but it worked. The story takes place in a small community and that really comes across while reading. There is a feeling of isolation, of something monumental taking place that the rest of the world is unaware of and it adds a lot to the feel of the story. I was drawn into the story almost immediately. The plot was intriguing. The characters well fleshed out and engaging. I wanted to know more about them, they were believable and real. Each character had their own story and the way they were written really draws you to them.


It has plenty dark and disturbing moments and really exposes the horrors of human nature and how peoples views differ. It contains the subject of child abuse, a topic that not everyone will be comfortable with, but it does so in a way that is not overly descriptive.


Definitely one I would recommend.



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