Review: The Dover Anthology of Cat Stories

The Dover Anthology of Cat Stories - Dover Publications Inc.


I received a free copy of The Dover Anthology of Cat Stories from the publisher in return for an honest review.


The Dover Anthology of Cat Stories has a whopping 29 cat tales within it's pages, that's a lot of cat stories and who doesn't love cat stories right?


I have to admit I was rather disappointed with this collection. I did enjoy a couple of the stories but the majority just didn't appeal to me. I love cats and I enjoy reading a good cat story but many of the stories had a very negative view of cats. Add to that the fact that some cats were either injured/killed in many of the stories and you can understand why a cat lover wouldn't find them enjoyable.


Lets be honest, it's cat lovers that a book like this is going to appeal to, so please keep in mind that it's not all unicorns, rainbows and positive happy endings for the poor cats in this collection.


Not one I would recommend.



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