Review: Twelfth Krampus Night by Matt Manochio

Twelfth Krampus Night - Matt Manochio


I received a free copy of Twelfth Krampus Night from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I went into this one with a little trepidation after having read a previous book by the same author and found it not to be to my taste. I decided I would give the author another try and I'm really glad I took the chance as I enjoyed it very much.


Twelfth Krampus Night is a dark, twisted and gory adult fairytale with a great atmosphere and plenty of humour thrown into the mix. The world building was exceptionally well done, the scenes and descriptions of the castle and surrounding area made everything easy to visualise. The pacing was consistent and the story flowed well.


I was hooked right from the start, the style of the story really drew me in. There are lots of well written characters but Krampus and Frau Perchta are the two that really stood out for me. The back and forth between Krampus and Frau Perchta was a lot of fun, their interaction and dialogue really tickled my sense of humour.


Definitely one I would recommend. Especially if like me you prefer your fairytales to be more horror than happily ever after.




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